24th of May, 2014 line-con I. Stravinsky – “One Soldier’s Story”
11th of April, 2014 line-con Concert, dedicated to the 95th Anniversary and 65th Anniversary of composers S. Hajibeyli and I. Hajibeyli
15th of March, 2014 line-con V. A. Mozart – Concerto for 2 Piano with orchestra, soloist’s А. Litskiy (Russia) and М. Adigezalzadeh (Azerbaijan); D. Shostakovich – Symphony No 9
15th of February, 2014 line-con J. Puccini – “Tosca” opera
31st of January – 7th of February, 2014 line-con Young Performers Festival
12th of October, 2013 line-con Concert dedicated to the 80th Anniversary of composer A. Melikov; symphonies No 2,4,6,7
24th of May, 2013 line-con Concert dedicated to the 200th Anniversary of composer G. Verdi
26th of April, 2013 line-con Concert dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of composer W. Lutoslawski
19th of April, 2013 line-con G. Ligeti - “Lontano”; A. Schoenberg – Concerto for piano and orchestra, L. Berio – Symphony
14th of February, 2013 line-con Concert with Bilkent Symphony Orchestra (Ankara)
18th of January, 2013 line-con Concert in the Memory of January 20’s Victims, Giuseppe Verdi - “Requiem”
3rd of December, 2012 line-con J. Sibelius - Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, soloist E. Ganiyev; G. Garayev - “Path of Thunder” II suite
20nd of November, 2012 line-con VI International Mstislav Rostropovich Festival